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Midwest Wobbler Summit 2007

The 6th Annual Midwest Wobbler Summit was held in Minneapolis on September 15th, 2007.
With its very own exclusive! The Special colored Gruesome Spastik was given away to
attendees, and prototypes were given away at random. The Midwest Wobbler Summit will continue to
be a fun gathering for Funatics. Below is a post from Kevinbuddha, who attended the event.

The following Funatics and their spouses graced our event with their appearance:
Len (Krusty), Lori & Sophie
Al (Wackyhead) & Liz
Brad (Sluggo) & Kevin
Dennis (Me-son-of-theral) & Cliffton (Big ape)
Al (YoohooAl)
Jay (Jarkbark) & Mark
Carol (Shomenodder) & Cathy
Cory (Mrcory5000), Lindsey & Cole
Upon arriving at the bowling alley we were given a MWS6 magnet. They were made by Cory and let me
tell you they are fantastic!! Each magnet showed Freddy Funko bowling and some of them had a
different colored bowling ball which in turn determined what kind of "bag-o-fun" you received.
There were several special prizes that Brian provided to us and many, many, many prizes that
were provided by Brad of Cameron Collectibles.

I think everyone was very happy with their bag-o-fun! Everyone received a 24 edition Lil Gruesome
in their bag that is awesome! Thanks Brian!!
Wobblers & Fantastik Plastiks provided by Brad. Thanks again Brad!!
Darth Vader candy provided by Krusty and DVD gifts that Krusty will be sending via mail when he
gets back. Thanks Len!!

We then had a bowling tournament in which there was a Funko trophy for high game. Jay won first
prize and won the Silver Speedracer trophy! Congrats Jay! Krusty won 2nd place and received a
painted lucy proto from Wackyhead Al. Al also handed out 2 other protos to other funatics. What
a great guy that Wackyhead Al is! We missed you at the CC this year Al, glad you could make it
to the MWS6!!! Brad also handed out some exclusive Funko Star Wars shirts as prizes for the
bowling tournament. These were only available to "employees" of the Funko CC booth. A very rare
item indeed!! You rock Brad!

We then retreated to the bar and had food, cocktails and conversation. I am sure everyone had a
wonderful time! I know I had a great day and I love being able to talk Funko with people who
understand what I am talking about!

I was lucky enough to win a Samurai Jack Proto in my bag-o-fun, but being able to see and spend
time with my fellow funatics is better than winning a proto any time.

A special shout out to Jay & Mark! It was WONDERFUL to see you both!!

Thanks again to Brad & Brian for the phenomenal prizes!!

Cory, again the magnets are great!!

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