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Frequently Asked Questions

Revised - 06/13/2015

There's a Funko Community ?

Sure is. There have been several Forums/Boards dedicated to collecting Funko
in the last 10 years. Currently there is one active community board, Funko Funatic.

The board is a real community of collectors trying to help each other out in there collecting.
There are also many many Funko related Facebook Groups out there, some are good and some are
just out to make a buck for either the owners or some key members. Just be careful and use
some common sense when dealing in trades or buying anything please.

What's the Community about ?

In our community we share information, we look out for each other, and help each other out.
We buy, sell, and trade within the community. Whether it happens on-line, through private messages
or emails, also as well as at Funatic events that members organize and hold.

What's a Newbie ?

A Newbie is a new collector to the Funko community. We welcome Newbies on the board.
The board has it's own guidelines, rules, and member conduct expected. So when joining the board, please
find them out, then you will know what they are, and please also respect them.

Previous FunKlub Application

There is a Funko FunKlub ?

The Funko FunKlub is offered through the Funko.com website.
For a small fee you get a membership certificate, a button/badge, a sticker set, the current Funko catalog,
and a Special Freddy Funko POP!. This is what is included as of 02/22/2013 when joining.

How do I join the FunKlub ?

Click the link to the Funko.com website, then print out the form, fill it out,
and send it in with your check. In three to four weeks you should get your FunKlub kit.


Current FunKlub Application

Is it different from the Funatic FUN Club ?

Yes. The Funatic FUN Club was a club originated out of the FunkoFunatic.com boards.
It is now defunct, and no longer accepting memberships.


What is the Funatic of the Week (FOTW) ?

Started in June 2015 Funko is recognizing collectors on there Blog.
A Blog post with pictures highlights them and there collection.
Possibly some type of prize or award will be given out for winning this honor.


What is the Collector of the Month (COTM) ?

In the past Brian (COF/Owner) has named special collector's this award.
He announces the award on the Funko Funatic Boards, with the award comes a Limited Edition
Green Cyrstal Freddy Funko that has printed All-Star on the base. He brings this award back
sporadically during the year. The selection process is now solely done by Brian.
In the past the COTM's were nominated by the board members, had to answer questions about
why they collect Funko, what they love about Funko, how big there collection is, and submit
a picture of themselves with there collection or favorite Funko item.

6/13/2015 : Currently the award for this is being revamped, so this has been suspended.


When did Funko start in the Industry ?

Funko started in 1998
Please see the summarized, but detailed Funko Timeline put together.
It should be able to answer any questions on when Product lines were started.


Can I buy directly from Funko ?

Funko = Manufacturer (means they MAKE the Funko Toys)

Gemini Collectibles (sells through the internet)
Fugitive Toys (sells through the internet, and at Conventions)
Entertainment Earth (sells through the internet, Exclusives ONLY at Conventions)
Action Figure Xpress (sells through the internet, Exclusives ONLY at Conventions)
----------------------- = Distributors (means they SELL Funko) without Retail Locations.

Toy Tokyo (located in NYC) also sells at Conventions
Wild Bill's Nostalgia Store (located in CT.)
Harrison's Comics (locations in NH.) also sells at Conventions
MoAF - Man of Action Figures (located in FL.) I have never seen them at any Convention.
Newbury Comics (Located all over New England w/ 28 Locations) also sells at Conventions.
----------------------- = Retailer (means they SELL Funko) with Retail Locations

Hot Topic
Toys R Us
Barnes & Noble
K Mart
----------------------- = Chain Retailer (means they SELL some Funko) in most of there Retail Locations


What's the story behind the Prototypes ?

Brian (COF/Owner) explained once ..
"We make 2 White Prototypes (some might get hand painted by artist for licensor), and we make 5
Colored Plastic Prototypes of each item. We do not exceed those numbers. Once in a while we do
a color variation Prototype, like with Red Saucerman to honor the chase piece. Again only 5 made."

"Sometime there is a legal line stamped on bottom and sometimes not, but that has no bearing on anything.
Once in a while we get one or two weird protos like the Crystal Clear Daffy Duck." Brian added.

How many Prototypes are made ?

Anywhere from 5 - 7 Prototypes are made for an item. Some maybe all White Prototypes,
also some are colored Prototypes.


So .. then what's a Wax Prototype or Figure ?

Wax prototypes were the old way of making a wobbler or spastik piece.
After the mold was made, they would be filled with wax to check for imperfections.
Wax prototypes are one of a kind, once the mold was checked there was no reason to make any more.

- -

How do I get a Prototype ?

Brian (COF/Owner) has raffles at the Funko booth during San Diego Comic Con daily,
he has give-aways on the Funatics Boards occasionally, and raffles/gives-away tons at Funday's mostly.

Proto's are given away at the Fundays party every year. They are also given to certain retailer, like
Gemini Collectibles, as a bonus for the amounts that they spend with Funko.

"Scrappers" or "Fake" Proto's have shown up on eBay and through Facebook Groups.
These are sold from China on eBay, these are pieces that were thrown out at the factory because they are
defective. Either stolen by factory workers, or in some rare cases have been given to a visiting
collector they are not the real deal as far as Prototypes go.

Please see the message by a fellow Hall Of Fame Member below.
ONLY buy from a reputable seller !!
1. Someone that was at Funday.
2. A long standing member of the FunkoFunatic.com Boards.
3. Gemini Collectibles.
4. Someone that can give you proof of where the prototype came from.

What's a Funko Exclusive ?

An Exclusive is an item made especially for a company by Funko. It is a limited
quantity item sold only by the company that has it made by Funko. It is usually made for promotion of
the company for a specific event, but not always. There have been specific toy shops that have had there
own Funko Exclusives also. Toy Tokyo in NYC, Wild Bill's Nostalgia Store in CT., Newbury Comics in MA.
just to name a few. In some rare cases Exclusive have been made by a shop that is run by a convention
as well. Online only retailers have also had there own Exclusives, either in there shops or at conventions.
Action Figure Express and Entertainment Earth have frequent Exclusives made through Funko.

How do I get a Funko Exclusive ?

Attend the event it is offered at. Purchase it from the company selling it.
Wait until it becomes available on eBay and pay lots of money for it.

- - - - - -

What the hell is a Chaser .. or a Chase piece ?

If say a regular case pack for an Funko item has 36 pieces of that item in the case.
If that item has a Chase piece that has been made for it, there would be ONE piece out of that case that
is a Chase piece. Chase pieces have had chrome bases, been painted with metallic paints, made out of
glow in the dark plastics, and could be a different color scheme.
There is one Chase piece per master case. So for POP!s it is a 1:36 ratio.
Inside each master case are 6 inner cartons with 6 pieces. Not all stores order entire cases, which means if
a store is ordering less than 36 of any particular item then the chances of them also receiving a chase
piece goes down dramatically.
Also, some of the larger stores order pre-made assortment boxes. These assortments typically hold 8 pops
and are constructed at the factory in china. The stores that usually get these pre-made assortments do not
generally receive any chase pieces.

- -

How do I find a Chase piece ?

Hit all your local comic/toy shops, retail stores, check on-line shops, or pay the
piper through eBay. They are randomly sent out, so you never know where you will see a Chase piece.

What the hell is a Flocked POP! ?

If a POP! (or Wobbler) is Flocked = Faux Fur, it's "Fuzzy". Examples of POP!'s are -
Winnie the Pooh (SDCC Exclusive), Sulley (SDCC Exclusive), Gizmo (SDCC Exclusive), Chewbacca (SDCC Exclusive),
& Beast from the X-Men (Gemini Collectibles Exclusive)
Examples of Wacky Wobblers - Snoopy (SDCC Exclusive), & Smokey the Bear (Funko Funatics Board Exclusive)
A Flocked item is most always an exclusive of some kind.

- - - -


What about Custom POP!s ? .. How do I find a person to make one for me ?

I have a few custom Wacky Wobbler and POP! pieces myself.
People ask me all the time about them. There are many many people who do customs now.
Please check out my page concerning Custom POP!s.
No .. I will not be selling mine. Please don't bother asking.
I also do not make customs myself either..
There are many many customizers out in the Funko Community.
On the Custom POP! page there will be a list of who I recommend. Thank you.


Is Funko going to be at my Comic Con ?

The only Comic Con Funko set's up a booth at is in San Diego. We all hope that Funko
would do more Conventions, but it's a massive expense to fly out to different cities. Then to set up a booth,
ship the stock out, stock it, have people work it for a convention, and then to ship everything all back.
Funko is a manufacturer, not a retailer. Which if they set up at conventions, would take business away from
the retailers they are selling too. No doubt you will find Funko products being sold by retailers at almost
all comic conventions.

YES - Funko attends San Diego Comic Con
NO - Funko does not attend ANY other Cons


- - -
Funko products can be found sold at these Cons though.
Just Funko itself does not set up a booth at them.

What is a Platinum Card ?

Funko Platinum Card holders will have the unique pleasure to possibly receive 24 piece,
48 piece, and 96 piece ULTRA Limited editions for FREE at Comic Con & Funko Fun Days events as well as
periodic Funko Funatic Forum special editions as well!

How do I get a Platinum Card ?

As of 05/15/2015 the qualifications to get a Platinum Card have changed : _______________________________________________________________________
Funko Platinum card holders will then have the unique pleasure to possibly receive ULTRA Limited editions
of Funko products for FREE at Comic Con and Funko Fun Days events a well as periodic Funko Funatic
Forum special editions.

To qualify to be considered for eligibility to receive this prestigious Platinum card, one must meet these
basic prerequisites:
- Be an active participant on the Funkofunatic board for a minimum of two years.
- Be an active collector of Funko products.
- Have attended a minimum of 2 Funday events.

Upon meeting all of the above prerequisites, one may then submit a PM to the Moderator Group Representative
(TulaBug on the Funko Funatic Boards) addressing each of the above prerequisites.

Submissions for a Platinum card will be considered by the moderator group for acceptance/denial.

Limit - one card per household address.

Those who have already earned a card, and have possession of one will continue to enjoy the benefits of
card ownership.
One must show their card to Brian or his designee in person at each event as their "ticket" to obtain an
exclusive Funko product. Anyone observed pushing, shoving or otherwise showing a lack of respect for others
during any of the give-aways will be excluded from the event at the discretion of the management.

Below are the previous (before 02/19/2013) qualifications for getting the Platinum Card :
Earn 10,000 points and the card is yours. Here is how to qualify below.

COTM - 2500 points
Funatic Posts - 1000 points for EVERY 1000 posts.
Any Funko AWARD received - 1500 Points
(i.e. Collector of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Poster of the Year, etc..)
Hall of Fame - 5000 points
Past Funko Fundays Attendance - 2000 points for each event attended.
Random Acts of Kindness awards - 500 points per occurrence.
(RAK's are determined by Brian)
Wobbler Summit or any Funatic Day Out event - 500 points for each event attended.

What's a Pre-Buy ?

A Pre-Buy refers to the items that will be made availabe at San Diego Comic Convention.
Brian (COF/Owner) usually gives out the information on a Pre-Buy by posting on the Funatics Boards, and also
through email when people sign up for announcements through www.funko.com.

What's in a Pre-Buy ?

The Pre-Buy includes one of every Funko item that is sold (@ the Funko Booth ONLY !!) at the
convention from the Funko Booth that year. In the past Brian (COF/Owner) has included a special rare item for the
Pre-Buy customers only. Other booths Funko exclusive items are NOT included in the Pre-Buy.

Who can order the Pre-Buy ?

Only attendees for Funday's can take advantage of the Pre-Buy. Brian (COF/Owner)
offers this only to attendees to help them out, so they don't have to worry about how to get all there
hot Funko goodies back home.


I keep hearing about Funday's mentioned .. What is Funday's ?

Funday's became an annual event hosted by Funko in San Diego during the weekend that
Comic Convetion is going on. It is usually planned on the Friday night after the Convention closes for the
day (start time about 7:30pm), and has traditional been held at the Holiday Inn on the Bay.

How do you get into Fundays ?

Tickets are sold for Funday's before the event, in the past years the details have been
announced on the Funko Fanatic Boards and also in recent years through emails when people sign up for
announcements through www.funko.com.

What happens at Fundays ?

Funko holds Funday's as an appreciation to it's collectors, and also a way to stay in touch
with them to stay product relevant. A buffet style dinner is served at Funday's, and one year there was even a
band that played during the event. Brian (COF/Owner) has annual awards he gives out, raffles off items, and has
a Funko "State of the Company" talk with all present. He gives us all great information for the coming year, and
the direction that Funko is heading for the future.

Who is Freddy Funko ?

Freddy Funko is the mascot of Funko. Freddy is Funko's first original character.
Like Jeffery is to Toys R Us .. Matty the Collector is trying to be to Mattel.
Manny, Moe, and Jack are the Pep Boys ... etc etc etc ..
Every company has a mascot for there advertising to some extent.

Can I buy all the stuff at Funday's ?

No products are sold at Funday's, but there is a bar so attendees can buy drinks. With your paid
admission you get a BOF (Box of FUN), drink tickets, and raffle tickets. Rare items, prototypes of items, and awards are
given out during Fundays. No one goes home empty-handed from a Funday's.

What Awards are given out at Funday's ?

Brian (COF/Owner) names the Hall of Fame Inductees for the year, each receives
a plaque with there name engraved and a Special Edition Freddy attached to it. Several other Awards
are given out such as Collector of the Year, Rookie Collector of the Year, Funko Spirit Awards for
individual Collector's achievements.


I keep hearing about Funatics Day Out or FDO mentioned .. What is a FDO ?

Funatics Day Out is an event held on the 1st Saturday in May usually, which is also
Free Comic Book Day, in various cities across the country. A get-together like a BBQ or party is hosted
by a Funatic, and in the past Brian has made a Wacky Wobbler or Spastik Plastik Exclusive for these events
along with sending prizes for attendees.
Cities that have hosted before are Minneapolis, Hollywood, Greenlawn in New York, NYC, Baltimore, Huntsville,
Indianapolis, Houston, San Antonio, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Grand Haven in Michigan,
Ocoee River in Tennessee, Phoenix, Orlando, and South Ontario in Canada.
The next scheduled FDO is #6 and would be held on May 2th, 2015

- - - - -

What is a Toy Fair .. Is it another Convention ?

Toy Fair (American International Toy Fair) is a Toy Industry event. It is not open
to the general public, and you must work in the Toy Industry or report on that industry to attend.
Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Retail Buyers attend this event to showcase or view the new products
that companies will be selling in the upcoming year. Orders are taken, and nothing is for immediate purchase at this event.

- - - - -



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