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Contests @ JAFO Rules

1. Contests here are for FUN - so play nice, & have FUN with it !
{Prizes are donated by the Webmaster unless otherwise noted.}
2. The JAFO Webmaster has the right to refuse ANY entry ! For ANY reason!
{Like I don't think you are trying to have FUN!}
3. Contests here are until the END of that month - NO Extensions/NO Exceptions !!
{That's ending 12 EST for you serious types.}
4. Make sure you include EVERYTHING the Contest calls for!
{It could be one entry per person for that contest.}
5. If more than one entry has ALL the correct answers, we go to the TIE-BREAKER!
{Each Contest will have one of these!}

Remember read through the Contest thoroughly!
These contests are to promote not only this site, but to spread the FunKo word.
The Webmaster here is only a collector that loves to have FUN, & likes to spread the FUN around!
As well as spreading the FunKo around too!

May Contest COMING SOON !!

Part 1 - March Contest

1. WHO AM I ????

After I get my first email response, I will post a picture of the Contest #1 Prize !!
Then the Contest will begin !!
Afterall, I need to know if anyone comes HERE !!
DON'T I !!
Sorry .. forgot to add ..
the first person to email me to get the contest started will get a special treat !!
WIN or LOSE in this contest !!

We have a WINNER !!
Someone does come here occassionally .. LOL !!

Now for the REAL CONTEST !!

Part 2 - March Contest

1. The Correct Answers to Part 1 of this contest!
2. What is the COF's (Mike Becker) favorite Non-Pinball Arcade Game ???
3. What 2 Peek-a-Boo Popups have been made, but never sold anywhere ???
4. Who was the 1st Funatic in Las Vegas @ Funday 2 to get a Mini Gold Tiki Wisecrack ???
5. WHO AM I ???

6. What was the name of the Fantastic Four's 1st Mailman ???

Are the questions getting harder ???
Got Google !!!

7. Who/What is a SHMOO ???
8. What movie had these tag lines ???
a."The Sweet Pill That Makes Life Bitter!"
b."Women Cry For it - Men Die For It!"
c."Drug-Crazed Abandon"
9. What 4 Different Actors have played the Riddler on Television, & in the Movies ???
10. What does the devil eat for dinner ???

TIEBREAKER - Find out how far (in Miles) your address is from -
1924 Bickford Ave.
Snohomish , WA. 98290
Closest in Miles to the number pre-picked before the contest start will be the prize winner!



*Freddy posters are not part of the prize, sorry !

Questions ?? JAFO Contest Webmaster

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