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Kool Aid Man

Name: Kool Aid Man
Status:  Regular Issue Red , Exclusive
Release Date:  Regular Issue - April 2004, Exclusives @ 2004 San Diego Comic-Con : July 20 - 25, 2004. GLOW @ 2005 San Diego Comic Con.
Retired Date:  Regular Still Available, July 20, 2004
Production Run:   Regular Still Available
Variations:   Purple 144, Orange 144, Pink 96, Yellow 96, & Green 144 .Blue 96, and GLOW 200 have been added to the Kool-Aid Clan.
Current Market Price: $10-$15 Regular Release
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Comments:  Funko was all over at the 2004 San Diego ComicCon (July 20 - 25). The "Supermart" filled with tons of Wobbler exclusives, Spastik exclusives, and exclusive Pop-Ups.

Funko came up with 5 variations of everyones' favorite Kool-Aid Man, each of which was labeled with its own Funko/ComicCon sticker. There was Purple, Orange, Pink, Yellow, & Green variants of the previously released Red Kool-Aid.

Whatever your favorite flavor is, there sure are plenty of choices !
Observations: In 1975, Kool-Aid Man made his first television appearance advertising Kool-Aid refreshments. In the famous commercials, Kool-Aid Man breaks though a wall when summoned by a thirsty child. His signature saying was "Oh Yeah!" as he poured glasses of ice-cold Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid man has appeared in dozens of commercials and on millions of Kool-Aid packets, and has had his own video games and comic books.

Kids continually rank him as one of the most-loved brand mascots. He even has been honored with a footprint ceremony at Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

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